Canvas Prints as Interior Designs: The Right Placement Tips

We often think that when having artworks as interior designs at home, the design or the subject is often the center of attention and the only most important thing. However, having a canvas print at home can do so much more than accentuating the content itself. It has been a known and proven fact that canvas prints are one of the best interior decorations in this modern time. They do not simply reflect quality but even artistry and uniqueness. But to make the most out of it, what the eye can immediately see may seem not enough. There are various guidelines that need to be followed to achieve the best interior design effect.

Art Decoration Ideas
One of the most basic strategies when hanging a canvas print is placing them at eye level. This would allow the viewers to engage with it better. But in this modern time, sometimes breaking the basic rules can be more satisfying. As long as it would not be obscured by furniture, you’ve got no reason not to place the artwork closer to an architectural feature such as a high or decorative ceiling then you can place it higher than eye level. The content can also be the basis when knowing the right height. Landscape art prints for instance that feature sky shots would look better when placed higher than those having the earth as their foreground.

Single Canvas Print Placement
Considering the size of your canvas print, it may have the tendency to or not to constitute the focal point in a room. Thus, if you have a huge couch, large fireplace, or big bay windows that have a striking view, then your landscape canvas print would be secondary when it comes to the design elements in a room. Below are some of the guidelines that you need to follow when placing them.

  • Place your canvas print opposite to the focal point of the room for balance.
  • Create a pattern of focal points in the room with your canvas print.  You can set it out to have a visual square or triangle along with the other designs that would draw the eye.
  • You can align your canvas print with the focal point to strengthen the focus and to prop it up.

Three-part Canvas Print Placement
In most cases, a three-part canvas print often serves as the focal point in a room. However, if you have another focal point, you can move your three-part canvas print in the other parts of the house. And the moment you find a good spot for it, you have to do the following.

  • Be sure to give generous gaps between every part. Give a little more than you would intuitively then you can move it back and re-assess.
  • Always position your three-part canvas print evenly.
  • Consider making it as a part of a mini gallery.

Aside from the design, quality, durability, and uniqueness that canvas prints offer, putting them properly in a wall would allow you to achieve not just the desired result but the best reaction from anyone who sees them.


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