Preserving Canvas Prints for Lasting Memories

Photo to Canvas Painting

A lot of people these days are discovering the joys of Photo to Canvas printing and how well it preserves their pictures. Not only do these canvas prints look stunning and could last longer than regular photo prints, they make great gifts too!

To ensure that these memories stay vibrant, it’s important to take good care of them. Some enthusiasts (especially photographers) delight in protecting their photographs by using frames and/or glass; but the best part of canvas prints is that this is totally unnecessary. They can be displayed as themselves, and still be able to withstand time for as long as they are not exposed to extremes.

For those who still prefer to have their precious prints framed, it can be quite challenging to find one that would fit the width and depth of a regular canvas. For this dilemma, some online companies do provide customized borders; or maybe a trip to a local photo company could help. Either way, wanting to preserve the canvas prints through frames is alright, albeit needless.

One of the main things people should remember in protecting these memories is to ensure two things: the location where the canvas will be hung and the canvas material (cotton versus polyester). The type of material will determine how long the print would last and how best to take care of it. Make sure to clear this topic before having the photos printed.

As for the location, pick a good spot in the house away from windows or possible water exposure. No matter how durable the material is, daily contact with damaging UV rays will alter the components of the print, thereby making it crack or peel over time. Sudden changes in temperature (like extreme heat or freezing air) is also harmful to these beautiful works of art. Keep them away from water and humidity as well since any print will be spoiled by it.

Before anchoring the photo on the wall, check that the materials used won’t risk wear or tear in the material. Photo print companies usually provide their own anchoring pieces, so use those instead of plain nail and hammer. Make sure that the area can properly accommodate the canvas so there’s no worry of it suddenly falling off – which can not only damage the print, but hurt someone too.

Once the photo prints are hung, it’s time to enjoy them! But do remember to clean them once in a while. Use a dry cloth or brush to gently wipe off dust and/or dirt from the surface. Be extra gentle though, and ensure that there’s no moisture buildup prior to cleaning.

During the course of a lifetime, there might be occasions when one needs to move to a new house, or a new place. Taking the canvas prints along is quite easy as long as they are not stacked against each other. This might cause the paint to stick to each other and cause horrible outcomes. Make sure that the canvases are individually covered and are suitably transported.

With these in mind, those memories will surely last a lifetime.


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