Editing Techniques to Enhance Your Photographs

Different people see things differently – it's a fundamental fact that every artist is presumed to be aware of. One instance proving such thing is when you like to retain the original picture you've taken while somebody else wants to enhance it for better appearance when already enclosed in canvas print. Whose “eyes” then should be followed – yours or the latter person? While this may never be an issue at all, it is still something to decide on as editing is always the best option to ensure getting the perfect image for the wall/s of your home. The concern, however, is this: do you know how to edit the photo yourself? If not, these are some essential techniques to bear in mind:

Disregard the Bad Shots

Why spend time on editing a bad shot if you can simply focus on those which you think are easy to enhance and could fit well to your considerations? But if you are used to keeping any shot that you did, then you can just experiment on them later when you're already done with the good pictures. Meanwhile, to give “justice” to every image in your camera, do make an initial review and mark those you think are bad; you can actually make use of the software which is able to rate or tag the photos.


Choose Proper Orientation

Portrait or landscape? This is a basic consideration which is significantly dependent on the subject of your photos and the style or length of your canvas print. And if you're worrying about the possible rotation of the photo after turning the camera while taking it, forget about it for such is never a problem in post processing. As you probably know, the modern cameras have rotation sensor which is capable of writing a tag into the file to prompt the software how to display the picture. It's not possible in all cases, though, which is why you still have to be careful in handling the camera properly.

Crop and Straighten the Photo

It also matters to crop the photo especially if there are distracting elements on it or the size is an utmost consideration. This is usually the result of not thinking of the proper framing when taking the shot or due to failure in employing the “rule of thirds”. In this instance that cropping and straightening become a recourse and you have to do this before sending the picture off for printing. You can use some tools which combine both tools in one function – that could give you much simpler and easier job.

Remove Red Eye

No need to ask why for everyone knows that without doing so, the human subjects of photo would look like vampires. It is no difficult thing as you can use photo software that can easily remove red eye and ensure a natural-looking character. Good to know now that there are some tools that do not even require red eye selection as all you need to do is click the button and they automatically find and fix the red eyes. But at most of which, you should necessarily click on each red eye in the image or drag a selection around the area before the problem could be removed.

Some other techniques not included here are for you to search on so that you could supplement your knowledge on photo editing and consequently apply it to have a perfect image for your canvas print!


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