Painting More Effectively with the Use of Different Brushes

A Digital photo to canvas is an ideal method of converting your picture into an artwork. However, have you actually tried painting a picture to a canvas on your own? Painting is a great hobby to cling to. You get to spend your time creating your personal masterpiece. Forget about what other people say that “noobs” should not take painting seriously. As long as you have the heart and passion, you should never shy away from painting. Just like canvas prints, there are requirements that you need to consider when painting. The first requirement is, of course, the materials that are needed in order for you to paint.

If a soldier needs bullets for him to utilize his gun, a painter needs a paint brush and paint for him to make wonderful pieces of art. A lot of people think that any type of brush would do. Artists actually have different types of brushes that they use so that they can pay more attention to details. It is important that one must be knowledgeable about the different types of brushes used. This helps when an artist tries to paint his subject on the canvas. A certain type of brush can give a different effect on the paint that will be used.

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The parts of the brush

You need to familiarize yourself first with the different parts of a brush so that you can differentiate one brush from another. A regular paint brush would have different parts such as:

  • First are the bristles - They are the fine hairs wherein the paint sticks. They can either be made from natural or synthetic materials. There are also some that are made from the combination of those two types of materials. The end part of the bristles is known as the toe and its body is known as the belly.

  • Ferrule and crimp - The ferrule is usually colored white and it is the part that connects the bristles to the handle. Meanwhile, the crimp is what keeps it glued to the handle. It serves as a screw that locks the ferrule to the handle. Some paint brushes don't have crimps.
  • Handle - The handle is the part that you hold in order for you to make different shapes on the canvas. It can either be made of wood or acrylic.

Different types of brushes and their purposes

There are types of brushes and each one of them is used differently.

  • A round brush - A round brush is used to give emphasis to a particular artwork. It is used to create smaller details and to fill small areas. If you wish to make thin lines, you should use its tip. Using its belly can create a thicker line.
  • A flat brush - A flat brush can hold more paint because it has thicker and longer bristles. They can fill spaces that need a lot of paint and they are useful for bold strokes. Its edges can be used to create fine lines.
  • A filbert brush - A filbert brush has bristles on the sides that are flat, but it has a round top that is used to make softer edges. It is not meant to be used if you want to paint straight lines. It is good for blending different colors.


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